Instruction for Speakers

Presentation Time

Presentation 7 (min.) + Discussion 3 (min.)


Operating System

Windows XP or Windows 7

Software for Presentation

PowerPoint ver. 2000 to 2010


All meeting rooms are equipped with the following audio‐visual equipment:

  • Video Projector
  • Screen
  • Windows‐based PC

Preview Center

Open Hours

7:40-17:00 Friday, Oct. 28
8:00-17:00 Thursday, Oct. 29

* The same open hours as JSRT the 39th autumn meeting All Speakers are requested to come to the Preview Room at least 60 minutes in advance of their presentations to verify that the data functions properly on the equipment provided. All presentations will be loaded onto a server (at the Preview Room) and distributed to appropriate session room at the appropriate time via a LAN.

PowerPoint Presenters

  • Bring your presentation in a USB flash Drive. In case you use animation, you should to bring your own laptop PC.
  • Only the standard font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Century) will be available. Unusual fonts may not be displayed properly on the computers in session rooms.
  • Please name the file as “presentation number & presenter’s name.ppt”.
  • In order to avoid virus infection, please scan your data with updated anti-virus software beforehand.
  • Please note that you cannot make any modification at the preview room and session room.
  • After the meeting, all presentation data will be erased by secretariat.


  • Speakers using their own laptops must have a Mini D-sub 15pin female output. Special video output cable is required for some laptops to use Mini D-sub 15pin to connect to external monitors and data projectors.
    Please note that we are not equipped with that special cable and you must bring it in case it is necessary.

Presentation room (Main hall)

Please come to the “Next presenter’s seat” of the session room (the front row on your left side) no later than 15 minute prior to the beginning of the session and identify yourself to the staff.


Award for the best research Award for the best presentation skill President’s special award.